Christmas Outreach 2018

Every year, Darmaria Study Center organizes Christmas Outreach, a Christmas celebration with the kids from Dinoyo area. In 2018, this event fell on Saturday, December 15.

The preparation for the event was done way beforehand. The Tulip Club girls made some cookies which will go into the goody bags. Sista prepared the materials that will be used to make a Christmas bear headband. Some kind donors made a donation in kind (stationery, meal boxes, water bottles) or cash. Our friends at Darmaria also helped to buy and prepare the goody bags. 

On Saturday the 15th, we gathered earlier in Darmaria to decorate the venue of the outreach. The Dinoyo kids started arriving at 1:30pm. We started with an opening prayer with Ester the MC, followed by singing Christmas carols. Kat led a simple game, and Sista guided the kids to make the arts and craft. The kids also sang us a song, and the older ones did a modern dance. The party ended with giving out the goody bags. 

We would like to thank the kind donors and volunteers, and see you again in the Christmas Outreach 2019!